The Fenix 3 Final Thoughts Vs Vivoactive

After looking for an activity / gym tracker update. I fell in love with the Fenix 3 by Garmin. After Christmas, I got a couple gift cards and decided to research a lot more on it. Watched a loads of videos, read and even tweeted Rizknows who has tested many activity trackers. He advised either the Fenix 3 or the Forerunner 235 which has a heart rate monitor included in the watch.

So i caved in after Best Buy had the bundle, chest strap with the watch, although originally I wanted the Rose Gold one but best buy did not carry that variation. I already knew the watch was rather bigger compare to the others but I got used to it rather quickly.  My biggest let down was that for a GPS sports watch at that price, I was expecting the watch to be ready right out of the box for me to put it to the test. However the watch turned out to be almost like a brand new smart phone, expect to spend quiet sometime just to set it up. I don’t want to spend time set it up, I want to wear it and take it for a run. Setting up something like the time, became frustrating, when contacted Garmin, wondering why my time wasn’t set it up, On the Vivoactive, It can either take the time off my Cell phone or via GPS. Well The Fenix either you set it up manually or it takes it via GPS. Although i live in a big city, acquiring GPS was very difficult. My second let down was how slow the watch was, I could count sheeps when i press a button and waited for the watch to give me the option I was looking for. Again contacted Garmin and their excuse? Was my Watchface. Turns out they were right, I ended up trying many different ones besides the default one, and they all had that same issue, slowing down the watch. I’ve downloaded countless Watchface for the Vivoactive, and never did it cause lagging.

The final straw was when I test drive it at the gym and for a run. I spent more time trying to figure out why my cadence was at 0, but yet i was running? Again contacted Garmin, they told me I needed to have either the right profile with GPS if i’m outside or no GPS which would rely on acceloromater to even doing a master reset of the watch. The master reset did work for a minute, registered my cadence and then right back to 0.

Overall, the Fenix is a pretty expensive device, unless you are someone who’s going to climb mountains, I would stay clear of it. It’s unstable, slow for the price. Unfortunately, It went back to the store and went back to my Vivoactive.









Stairs Climber counter

Stiff buttons
Rather slow /LaggingPoor GPS
Cadence Issue.
Scratches rather easily
Confusing set up

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