New Global TV Show : Extant

extantI was watching Global Montreal and saw a commercial about this new show called “Extand”. It features Halle Berry and other few actors but not as popular as Ms Berry. I was curious about the show after the preview. Basically It’s about a woman who was sent on a mission to space and she originally thought she was involved in a spatial crash but then she sees her dead boyfriend from about 10 years. She tears at the sight of him and she falls asleep.

When she comes back to her senses, she watches the surveillance footage and then she sees that there was actually no one as she saw herself crying. She deletes it fearing that if her superiors find out they put her in containment, thinking she had been in contact with unknown residue. When she comes back to Earth she finds out she’s pregnant. But the problem about the pregnancy is that she has been trying to get pregnant for years and was told that she was infertile. Which is the reason why her husband created a robot that is like a kid. It evolves like a child, talks like a kid. Secondly she had been in space for a whole year with no other humans.

I’m not going to sell the entire show right away but anything out of space, Sci-fi, weird or similar to “X-files”, is very interesting to me. There’s a big setup surrounding the whole story, the pregnancy, her not being the first one, what happened to the first crew. How do you get pregnant alone in space? What is she pregnant with? I watched from the first one to I believe to be the 10th episode and it’s actually really good my only problem is Halle Berry. She’s a great actress but in that time of TV show, it’s not her usual, I’m not really feeling her. I think they could have pick someone else that was better for that kind of show. But again I think they just took her because she was a pretty and well known face, to attract viewers. We gotta keep in mind that it’s a new show, so they don’t have a big budget for it .
So overall the show is not bad. I actually enjoyed watching it. I did catch myself fast forwarding a bit because it was hard for me to watch Halle Berry acting but overall its a good show you should check it out and let me know what you think.

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