Mariah Carey Gets Her Hollywood Walk of Fame

Mariah Carey Hollywood star25 years ago she was releasing her debut album which sold over 200 million world wide and 18 number 1, Mariah Carey is finally honnored with her own star on Hollywood Walk of fame.

Many fans came to witness the event and Mariah came along with her twins, L.A reid, Lee Daniels , Bet Executive Stephen Hill and Brett Ratner. L.A Reid had a few words for his “musical wife”. “This is my love letter to my favorite artist in the entire world. You are the sweetest, kindest, most gentlest soul I have ever met in my life, and as your name is immortalized on this Walk of Fame for all of your success, it is my wish that you get two stars, one for you and one for your character.”

Lee Daniels also had warm words for her. “She is the queen, she is the one. Her heart transcends her stardom”. Mariah Shared pictures with the fans who couldn’t make it via Instagram and It was also revealed that Mariah will be appearing on the upcoming season of Empire.

The Diva looked gorgeous and her kids too. Congrats Mariah!

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