Finally Caved in and Got Me An Activity Fitness Watch by Garmin

I’ve joined the gym about 3 months ago, in a quest not only to lose weight, stay fit but also blow steam off. I’ve been eyeying wearable tech for a while but I wasn’t quiet ready for a smart watch so I looked to the fitness watches.

I was very discouraged when I found out how many fitness/activity trackers were out there, literally for any kind of budget. However what I was looking for was very specific and not many offered it. I’ve looked through the Fitbit line, Polar to end up with Garmin. The Vivosmart and Vivoactive. I started with the Vivosmart and totally liked the slick design and hidden touch screen, waterproof however, I wasn’t happy with how limited It was and the construction of the band. It was very poor and easily scratched. As I went to the gym, I was not able to track how much calories, distance  and pace. It literally only monitored my steps which wasn’t enough for me. Sure the gym machine could give me this data but it’s known that gym machine exaggerates that kind of data and I wanted all in one. I was also looking for a watch that would be an activity tracker, warn me when I’ve spent more than a hour inactive, count my steps, show me when I’ve been inactive and also a sleep tracker. I needed all of it in one, so i can learn to be a more active person. The Vivosmart felt very short so within a week and a half , after debating between the Fitbit HR and the Vivoactive, I went to exchanged the Vivosmart for the Vivoactive.

After two weeks of usage, I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. Not only is it very accurate when I’m at the gym, whether i’m on the stairmaster, treadmill, AMT or Elliptical. It monitors my pace, calories and distance accurately. I’ve taken it out for a run and it was accurate as well. The latest update of the software also brought much more stability to the constant disconnection of the Bluetooth, the not tracking the sleep and such. The online Garmin Connect is also a great tool, well detailed and they also have a social aspect to it. You can challenge fellow Garmin users to step/distance challenge.  Daily it raises or lowers the step challenge to push you to become more active everyday.The battery really does last over a week. I just charged it after 7 days and it was at 20%. The widgets that you can install to customize your device is also fun. If you ever encounter issues, the Garmin Forum has a lot of users who are ready to help you set it up, answers questions and such. The notifications are really well done compare to when I first got the watch. It alerts of e-mails, phone calls, Social notification and since last update it even alerts of phone low battery. It connects well with Myfitnesspal, It still requires a little fine tuning, as some of the data synced doesn’t entirely make sense.

garmin connect Garmin Connect web

garmin connect mobile Garmin Connect Mobile

I did find it a bit too big for my wrist but the more i wore it the more I couldn’t live without it. I’ll bare you the details of the watch itself as two of my favorite youtubers did the job for me. They both mentioned different point.

Overall, I believe the Garmin Vivoactive is serious competitor in the race of best fitness / activity tracker for 2015. I’m definitely looking forward to more updates.

Watch their reviews and details of the watch itself.


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